Emily Xie | Graphic Designer
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Anime Expo - Brand Identity

Anime Expo - Brand Identity

Celebrating Passionate Communities


Clarify the brand’s positioning and the customers they serve.


Blind helped Anime Expo focus their brand and marketing strategy. This led to growth in ticket and merchandise sales, and brought in a new market of virtual attendees

Anime Expo is the biggest anime convention in North America. With hundreds of thousands in attendance each year, Anime Expo brings together passionate communities to celebrate the cultures they love most.

Blind partnered with Anime Expo to help rebrand their annual event. The process began with crafting the brand strategy, positioning statement, and user profiles. From that, Blind developed a complete identity system that reached every touchpoint of the event.



The long-standing event has built up years of brand recognition into their logo. We took what was working well with the previous logo and refined its form to work on a broader scale of applications and sizes.

The New Logo


Finding the Right Type

We updated the typeface of the brand to be modern and clean, with just enough character. A typeface flexible enough to work well across large printed displays down to small digital screens.


Bold, diverse and fun. The Anime Expo brand colors are a reflection of its dynamic community. It’s also used to color code and or organize various design systems across the brand.

      Brand Colors


      The aesthetic of the brand was inspired by the art behind the culture. Pencil strokes, halftone patterns, fluid ink washes and dynamic compositions became the visual system we implemented across the brand.

      Visual System Inspired by Artist


      The Ultimate Fan Experience

      Beginning with the package they receive in the mail, we helped design a premium experience for top-tier event goers. Including a custom mailer, event badge, and collectible metal badge.


      2017 Rollout

      In addition to the brand’s identity system, the partnership between Blind and Anime Expo resulted in a new website, social campaign, custom merchandise, as well as printed and digital collateral for the event.



      Client: SPJA
      Creatives: Yohanes Fadillah, Dino Martin, Meg Tsuruda, Jon Baumgardner
      Production Company: Blind

      Executive Creative Direction: Chris Do
      Executive Director: Matthew Encina
      Director: Chris Do
      Executive Producer: Scott Rothstein
      Art Director: Jaime Van Wart
      Senior Designer: Sang Chung
      Project Manager: Daisy Zarazua
      Designers: Emily Xie, Minhye Cho, Mark Caasi