4th & Traction

Freelance Project

4th and Traction is a modern building in every way that make sense. But when you renovate a property drawn from 100-year old beginnings, you recognize that you're working with substance. So you let the ceilings stand 14 feet high. You restore the steel framed windows. You preserve the architectural character that makes this former Coca-Cola bottling facility a classic.



Client: Hudson Pacific Properties
Agency: Blind

Post Producer: Scott Rothstein
Art Director: Chris Do, Matthew Encina, Greg Gunn
Designers: Sang Chung, Emily Xie, Pei Liew, Chris Do, Matthew Encina, Shai
3D Animators: Ben Lopez, Yosh Bolivar
Compositors: Daniel Zhang, Yosh Bolivar
Rotoscope/ Tracking: Daniel Zhang
Lighters: Ben Lopez
Director Of Photography: Andrew Truong, Tigran Tovmasyan
Still Photographer: Andrew Truong
Telecine: Incendio
ditor: Parker Wilson

Executive Creative Director: Chris Do
Director: Matthew Encina
Production Company: Blind
Creative Director: Chris Do, Matthew Encina
Executive Producer: Chris Do
Account Director: Nicole Wasserman
Strategist: Chris Do
Developer: Noel Saw (Neochrome)
UX: Chris Do
UI: Sang Chung, Emily Xie
Writer: Colleen Mathis
Coordinator: Greg Dupree