Emily Xie | Graphic Designer

CUE at Sunset Bronson Studios



To create a world class brand that attracts Hollywood’s elite and innovative, Silicon Valley technologists alike. Among the stars, glitz and glam of the new Hollywood, to stand out, you have to make a statement.


Working with a core team of designers, developers, 3d artists, cinematographers and writers led by Do and Blind CD Matthew Encina, the team was able to seamlessly go from strategy to delivery across digital, video and print. “This work is validation of a hypothesis we had,” reflects Do. “For far too long, we had applied all of our creative resources into solving a very specific kind of problem— a linear narrative. When we opened up our thinking to include strategy, user experience, positioning and messaging, we can have a meaningful impact on our client’s business and really help move the needle.”

Freelance Project

Be More. Be Disruptive. Belong


Client: Hudson Pacific Properties
Agency: Blind

Executive Creative Director: Chris Do
Director: Matthew Encina
Production Company: Blind
Creative Director: Chris Do, Matthew Encina
Executive Producer: Chris Do
Account Director: Nicole Wasserman
Strategist: Chris Do
Developer: Noel Saw (Neochrome)
UI: Emily Xie
Writer: Colleen Mathis, Chris Do
Coordinator: Greg Dupree
Post Producer: Scott Rothstein
Art Director: Chris Do, Matthew Encina
Designers: Emily Xie, Chris Do, Sang Chung, Pei Lew, Fernando Berlanda
3D Animators: Yosh Bolivar, Kevin Ferrara
Compositors: Yosh Bolivar
Rotoscope/ Tracking: Lin Wilde
Director Of Photography: Andrew Truong, Archi Prudencio, Tigran Tovmasyan, Marco Aslan, Chris Oneil
Editor: Parker Wilson, Sang Chung (Cinemagraph )